Carpenter Powder Products, Inc.

Carpenter Powder Products, Inc., located in Bridgeville, manufactures custom metal powders and is the ninth-most-toxic air polluter in Allegheny County. Nearly 66,000 people live within three miles of this facility. The plant is located less than half a mile from the Great Southern Shopping Center, and less than a mile from Chartiers Valley High School.

The facility has the second-highest air emissions of cobalt and cobalt compounds in the county for 2019, which affect the cardiovascular system and respiratory system and can also have developmental effects. The facility is also the county’s third-highest emitter of nickel, which affects the respiratory system and is cancer-causing.

Health EffectsChemicals
CancerChromium, Cobalt, Nickel
Cardiovascular SystemCobalt
Respiratory SystemChromium, Cobalt, Nickel
DevelopmentalChromium, Cobalt

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