ATI Flat Rolled Products Holdings, LLC

The ATI Flat Rolled Products facility in Brackenridge, also known as Allegheny Ludlum, produced the most-toxic air pollution of any Allegheny County polluter reporting to the federal Toxics Release Inventory. Nearly 40,000 people live within three miles of this steel plant. The plant operates without ever having been issued a required Clean Air Act Title V operating permit, a critical tool for enforcement and public accountability.

ATI Flat Rolled Products has received at least 40 formal and informal clean air enforcement actions since 1990, including a $107,000 penalty in 2020 for violating the Clean Air Act. Between April and June 2020, ATI was found to have committed four violations of clean air standards because of fugitive emissions from a nearby facility processing the plant’s slag (Harsco Metals, #2 of the Toxic 10) that were coating nearby neighborhoods— a problem the two companies have been aware of for years and have yet to solve.

In 2017, PennEnvironment, along with the Environmental Integrity Project, the Clean Air Council and Group Against Smog and Pollution, filed a notice to sue this plant alleging its electric arc furnaces had for years been emitting sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter at levels that violated the Clean Air Act. The facility was allowed to exceed permitted levels of sulfur dioxide for more than a decade, but after the groups filed this notice, ATI received a $50,000 penalty from the Allegheny County Health Department and was then invited to apply for new, higher limits for these pollutants from the furnaces. In July 2020, ATI received a $1,320 penalty from the health department for violating pollution limits at the plant.

Health EffectsChemicals
CancerChromium Compounds, Cobalt Compounds, Lead Compounds, Nickel Compounds
Cardiovascular SystemCobalt Compounds, Lead Compounds
Nervous SystemLead Compounds, Manganese Compounds
Respiratory SystemChromium Compounds, Cobalt Compounds, Copper Compounds, Hydrogen Fluoride, Molybdenum Trioxide, Nickel Compounds, Nitric Acid, Zinc Compounds
DevelopmentalChromium Compounds, Cobalt Compounds, Lead Compounds, Nitrate Compounds
ReproductiveChromium Compounds, Lead Compounds, Molybdenum Trioxide, Zinc Compounds

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