Valspar Coatings

Valspar Coatings (formal name Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc.) in Pittsburgh is the fifth-most toxic air polluter in Allegheny County. There are 104,300 people within just three miles of this facility.

Over the last two years, this factory, which makes chemicals that are used in paints and protective coatings, has had significantly higher pollution levels by weight than in the past. The total weight of Engineered Polymer Solutions’ 2016 emissions was more than five times higher than in 2014 and more than eight times higher than in 2011.

Health EffectsChemicals
Cardiovascular System ImpactsCertain Glycol Ethers
Nervous System ImpactsCertain Glycol Ethers, Toluene
Respiratory System ImpactsCertain Glycol Ethers, Diisocyanates

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