Universal Stainless and Alloy Products

Universal Stainless and Alloy Products is the fifth-most toxic air polluter in Allegheny County. There are approximately 66,100 people within just three miles of this facility, which is located in Bridgeville. The Clean Air Act permit for the plant was last issued in 2017 and is valid through 2022.

In 2016, this steel fabrication plant was the largest emitter of elemental nickel and elemental chromium in the county, and over its lifetime, its reported releases have consisted of toxic metals and metal-containing compounds that have been linked to cancer and nervous system damage. In March 2017, the Allegheny County Health Department found that this plant was emitting more particulate matter, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds than its permit allows for, and issued it a $1,375 penalty.

Health EffectsChemicals
CancerChromium, Nickel
Nervous System ImpactsLead, Manganese
Respiratory System ImpactsChromium, Copper, Manganese, Nickel

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